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06 June 2005 @ 03:08 pm
aliens in my head!!!  
Well, okay, maybe they wanted to be in my head. But anyways, this dream felt like a cross between the television series The 4400 and a random alien movie like Signs. For the purposes of this dream, which came pre-loaded with a whole different past for me and everything, we'll say that the 4400 were something that had been heard of in the area where I lived in the dream, but wasn't necessarily something we'd come across. We weren't sure on the truth of the matter, if the 4400 people had been abducted and then returned by aliens, or by our future descendants of the future, or if they really had special powers, or whatever.

Now for the dream proper. I lived with my family in a big farm house in a farm type community. I had a mother and two or three kid siblings, but I don't remember any father figure. My mom was nice, and the kids were cute and relatively well behaved. I remember being inside the house one night, and I kept having these strange quick visions of nasty aliens creeping around our house in the dark, or breaking windows, things like that. I think all the doors were locked, like we had locked them out of fear, because there was a very strong, weird storm going on outside. We knew it might be an alien attack of some type... and huddled in the middle of the house beside a chest of drawers we had placed in a doorway for some reason. I remember a candle, so the power must have been out.

Then it was daytime, and we were standing in the living room (not far from that doorway that had been half-barricaded). I was trying to make plans to survive an alien invasion, but I stopped talking as this boy we knew walked into the room. It occurred to me that he'd been rumored to have been part of the 4400. And something was wrong... he didn't act or walk like a little kid (he couldn't have been more than 10 years old). As he walked by me, I saw that one of his eyes, his left eye, had a bright green iris. I suddenly just knew that this meant he'd been taken over by an alien. And to me, it felt like he was lost, whatever boy had been in his mind and body before was long dead, filled now with the menace of an evil alien.

I was looking around for a weapon while trying to appear like I hadn't noticed that anything was wrong. I found a knife with a rather long blade just as the kid went after my mom, attacking her and trying to kill her. I stabbed him with the knife several times, and killed him. The other children (my kid siblings) were crying and my mom was scared too, but she was also saying, "Now the aliens will be really mad, you killed one of them! Where are we going to hide the body?" I remember saying something stupid like, "Do you think it looks like one of the cats did it?" as I wrapped the body up in a thin rug that was on the floor. I was trying not to get any blood anywhere, yet I managed to get a few drops on the floor. It was creepy looking stuff, thicker than human blood, and a sort of puke green color. I had a feeling that an alien would be able to sense this stuff from a distance, and would definitely freak out if they found it on something in our house.

Anyways, I took the body upstairs and hid it in one of the top drawers of my mother's dresser. I figured that if we were going to hide ourselves somewhere in the house, it should be as far away from the location of the body as possible. I knew it would be a bad idea to leave the house, as at least this was familiar territory, and who knows what would happen next or when. I had just gotten back downstairs when one of the kids started yelling that there was something in the sky. I went to a window and saw what looked like flying saucers from those really old, bad alien movies. You know, the hubcaps on wires concept. Except I knew this was real, and they were flying high through the sky. At least they appeared on a trajectory somewhere beyond our house (they would be flying over it) but that still wasn't very comforting.

I started screaming for everyone to close the curtains. There were a LOT of windows in this house, and I ran around closing curtains as fast as I could. I called as many of the cats into the house as I could justify, since we didn't know how long we had before aliens would be creeping around our house. Assuming my visions were true, and they were starting again. Once most of the cats were in the house and the rest refused to come (there were a LOT of cats, maybe a hint at the movie The Mummy I watched recently), I locked the doors, but there was a big set of double doors by the kitchen that gave me trouble. The lock didn't want to work properly, and the doors kept opening.

I got the doors to sort of hold, at least stay closed, and found that a bunch of the windows in the house still hadn't had their curtains closed. And an argument was starting about where we were all going to hide. There was a man in the group now, I don't know what relation he had to the family (maybe a farmhand or manager). I think there might have been one or two friends of my siblings in the house now too. Maybe an extra person, like a neighbor mom or something, but I really don't know. Anyways, the guy kept saying we should stay in a room with windows. "No windows!!!" I kept saying. I knew we needed a small room with NO windows, something that might be easier to get away with hiding in, and something harder to break into than a room with freaking glass windows. Duh!

Maybe he thought we'd need the airflow or light or something. I figured if we were in a room with windows we wouldn't last long enough to enjoy those luxuries. So I said we should use a closet. I settled on the closet that was off of the kitchen. It had NO windows and was a small empty room with just the one door leading to the kitchen (in reality it makes no sense, it would have been a pantry full of food or something, but whatever... apparently having an empty closet room in your kitchen was normal in the dream world). I told people to find all the food and water and drinks they could find and get them into that room.

I started carrying stuff from the fridge to the closet, things like six packs of soda and juice. I remember passing up the idea of taking some ice cream sandwiches, even though it might be a fun thing for the kids who were really scared. I also remember thinking that I couldn't eat them, and neither could my mom (so my food allergies bled into the dream somehow... the flavors of the sandwiches I had been looking at were Chocolate Chip Mint... but my mom was still this dream mom, not my real one). The guy person suggested three boxes of freeze dried food we'd gotten somewhere, but by this time I was ready to get everyone hidden away because I figured we were out of time. And the strange thing was, it was dark again, night time.

(This dream seemed to change from night to day and back again without warning or implied time flow, kinda like that terribly-made movie Plan Nine From Outer Space. Also, sometimes when I was closing curtains or doors it was like there was this fierce, unearthly dark swirly windy stuff flowing around the house, just outside the doors, but I can't remember specifically what moments that happened during the dream. I remember being afraid of that inky windy stuff though.)

We'd gotten batteries, flashlights, candles, blankets, weapons (including guns), and everything else we could think of on short notice into the closet. Everyone was in there too now, except for me, as I was going to go for the freeze dried stuff which was stored in the next room (beyond the kitchen, and those stupid double doors were half way into that room in the way the house was laid out). I heard a noise in the next room, and saw that those accursed double doors were open again. I grabbed the nearest blunt object, which I think might have actually been some sort of kid's toy, like a hard plastic baseball bat but not quite... it had more like a mining pick kind of shape, especially on the end that I'd be using to bash alien brains in with, or try.

But it wasn't an alien that moved into view. It was someone I knew from the neighborhood, and he had a weapon too, some random blunt object (probably a wooden board or something) and he stopped when he saw me. The thought occurred to me that maybe he had thought my noises in the kitchen were caused by an alien intruder. Then I looked at his eyes, and I noticed that his left eye was darker than the right one, but not green. I think he saw me hesitating and said, "Yeah, I've got an astigmatism," and that made sense in the dream as to why his one eye was darker (silly dream physics again). Then I realized something, and said to him, "You've seen them. You've seen the people taken over by aliens!" And he said yes.

I think the idea was he was going to join our little survival group, and there was a random thought in my head that if we were going to be hiding out for a long time, we should have made some sort of preparation for bathroom needs.

Then I woke up.

Dream Symbol Analysis. Source: SoulFuture Dream Dictionary

aliens: An alien within a dream often symbolizes an aspect of yourself that is unknown to you or unacknowledged by you; A memory of a dreamtime journey to another dimension; Something unfamiliar or unusual, something that is alien to you; Not belonging, feeling like a misfit or outcast, feeling alienated.

night: Your feminine, receptive, intuitive, passive, yin side; The darker side of you, the beast within, your shadow aspect; A death within, making way for a new birth; An inability or refusal to see something clearly; A deep depression, a precursor to a major transformation or breakthrough, dark night of the soul; Fear; Night may be a homonym for knight.

day: Clarity of vision; Visible or known aspects or traits; Something that is light, bright, healthy, happy; Outward flowing, action-orientated, yang activity; Accepting that everybody has a turn, that the wheel goes round, every dog has his day, his day will come; Nowadays, currently, in this day and age; An unlikely event or outcome, that will be the day; Ceasing activity, calling it a day; Something that is relentless, day after day; Gradually, progressively, day by day; Something that's coming to an end, days are numbered. (This should also be "masculine" as opposed to the dream definition of night which hints at feminine.)

house: The size and condition of the house will provide further interpretational clues; A house usually symbolizes the physical body; Your personal mirror, reflecting your perception of your world back to you - see if the state of the house resembles you or the way in which you manage your affairs; Being accommodating; Something that is rickety and unstable, not of sound foundation, a house of cards. Various rooms in the house may symbolize different aspects of self: Bedroom - rest, sexuality, recharging of batteries, rebalancing of energy; Lounge or sitting room - relaxation, recreation, social requirements; Kitchen - health and nourishment; Bathroom - spiritual purification, the state of your inner organs (plumbing).

storm: Lashing out or expressing anger; A major or sudden emotional upset or shock; A long-term inner conflict that has come to a head; Notice how well you cope with the storm, it may indicate having the strength within to weather the storm; Something that is volatile, stormy; Bombarding, storming; Placing too much importance on trivia, storm in a teacup; Overwhelming, taking by storm.

candle, candles: A universal symbol of light and connection to spirit; Your inner light; Softness, relaxation, romance; Having hope, not giving up, keeping the candle burning; Measuring up to, comparing with, doing as well as, holding a candle.

child, children: Having the opportunity to begin anew; Comforting a child may represent nurturing your inner child; Fun, joy, spontaneity, lack of inhibition; A need to revisit a childhood issue; A premonition about having a child or a desire to conceive; Teasing, joking, deceiving, kidding around.

mother: Something that represents nurturing, care taking, warmth or comfort; The symbol may be drawing your attention to aspects, character traits or emotions within your relationship with your own mother; Your impression of yourself as a mother; Your wise, feminine side; Yin energy; A female religious figure; Something that is innate or native e.g. mother tongue; May imply nature, natural forces, Mother Nature; Something that is large or noticeable e.g. a mother of a project.

knife: Creating something new either through carving it from scratch or by cutting away unwanted parts; Feeling betrayed or knifed; Wanting to harm others, knife them; Being knifed may represent self-inflicted injury; Something achieved comfortably or with ease, like a knife through butter.

kill: Wanting to kill somebody in a dream could symbolize intense, unexpressed negative emotion; A need to kill or address some unwanted part of you; Being killed may symbolize something that is causing great distress for you and needs to be addressed; Being prepared to do anything in exchange for something wanted, being prepared to kill for it; Something that is debilitating for you, kills you; Something that causes great mirth, kills you; Waiting, sitting back for a while, killing time; Needing to be more economical or effective with your time and efforts, and kill two birds with one stone.

cat: A cat within a dream often symbolizes a need to use your intuition; The Goddess within; Grace, agility, sleekness, power; Being mysterious or secretive; A cat may denote somebody who is being catty or bitchy; An omen of good or bad luck; Cats are known for their ability to survive unusual situations or trying circumstances, having resilience, having nine lives; Causing a stir, setting the cat amongst the pigeons; Finding different ways of doing things, or recognizing that there is more than one way to skin a cat; Being speechless, aghast, cat got your tongue.

kitchen: Health issues; Nourishment of body and soul; The state of the kitchen may reflect your level of well-being; Creativity, bringing goodness together; Abundance.

closet: Doing something in secrecy; Dropping façades, showing your true self, coming out of the closet; Seeking privacy; Hoarding; May imply a water closet - see toilet.

toilet: Eliminating, cleansing, releasing, purifying; A blocked toilet may represent repressed emotions or an inability to express yourself. (Okay, side note, I had a dream recently about unplugging a toilet my brother couldn't get unplugged. Strange, but in light of the interpretation, it makes sense.)

Thoughts: Interesting that the interpretation for "cat" signifies an ability to survive, and the key to this dream was to survive. However, I don't remember there being any cats in the closet... we just figured they'd be safer inside the house than outside.
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